What the fuck?

BEFORE WE GET STARTED: Proceeds from the “TALK TO STRANGERS” products will be donated to a suicide prevention organisation.

First of all: Daft.Gallery is a Swedish enterprise, and all prices are in SEK – Swedish Krone.

Daft Gallery is all about bullshit. We all need more bullshit in our daily lives, to cope with all the other kinds of shit going on.

If you find the words fuck and shit offensive you are DEFINITELY in the wrong place. Find another webshop. Now.

If you miss – or come up with – a remark that would be fun to have on a mug or t-shirt don’t hesitate to write a mail to hej@daft.gallery. If you are lucky you will be able to find it in the webshop within a few days. We are open to suggestions.

If your suggestion is racist, homophobic or stuff like that, you are an asshole, and we will obviously not make any merchandise with your crap. You will have to find another way to disappoint your family, friends, co-workers and the rest of humanity.

None of what you see in the webshop exists in reality. When you order, it materializes and is sent to you. That is called “print-on-demand”, and means that there are no stocks of goods that no one wants. We take care of the world, even if it doesn’t always deserve it.

So who came up with this insanity?

Hasse Sørensen did.

Daft Gallery
Hantverkaregatan 20
211 55 Malmö
+46 72 530 65 34